Sunday, May 1, 2011

Well, this has been a bit neglected lately!

Goodness this has been neglected!

Well, Chapter 32 of The Last Pure Human is now up on the website, woo hoo!

A little tension, and little fun, a little sex. Everything a growing boy (and girl) needs.

A new chapter is up at as well this week for Husbands for Peace. For anyone not familiar with this, you'll need a subscription to the site to view more than the first couple of chapters.

In other news, life is getting hot out here in Twisted Desert Land. May and June are two of our hottest months, usually. I'll be spending lots more time outside in the shade, writing as I try and finish up TLPH and get it to its conclusion. Once that's done, I'll be focusing on the other stories to get them finished as well.

For all of you with questions on where Max came from, and what's going on with the other humans, not to mention more about the Kyashin and their planet - you may have to wait for some answers. This book will be finishing up in a few more chapters, but the Human series is not finished yet. A few more books are still in the making for characters we've already met, and those who haven't even made an appearance, and some mysteries won't be solved until we're a little farther into the story.

...but really? It's probably all just an excuse to mess with Max for more than one book. He just begs for it, doesn't he? ;-)