Monday, May 31, 2010

Updates on TLPH

For those who don't read my other blogs, the good news is that I got a BRAND NEW LAPTOP, for FREE. Awesome-sauce with a side order of neato fries. Yes, my computer was actually such a lemon that the company replaced it, for free, with their closest model. Which happens to be BETTER than the model I had.

Like I said, awesome-sauce. This has, obviously, made me a little happier about the apple company, although I'd rather not have got the lemon in the first place.

The bad news was that, as usual, my inherent inability to comprehend computers has made adjusting to the new computer a bit of a chore. You'd think something that is nearly identical would not be a problem, but nearly and I have a rather adversarial relationship, I'm finding out.

However, I am now getting the hang of it, and to make up for the lag time since the last chapter, I'm doing a Memorial Day Special: 2 chapters for the price of one.

So, here's the updates!
The Last Pure Human, Chapter 28
The Last Pure Human, Chapter 29

Enjoy your extended weekend, fellow Americans. And everyone else, I'm really, really sorry for your Monday Blues. Reeeeally sorry.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Update on TLPH

Well, update on the new chapter of TLPH:

It's not polished, as I'm rushing to get it out before computer gets stuck in the shop again - I think the annoying thing has the hots for one of the repair guys or something, with how often it breaks!

I'll be back in circulation as soon as I get it back, or sooner, if I can snake the family computer for my own use every once in a while.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Update time

And updating to Nature's Choice today. Ch 9 is up now, phew. That took a little longer, and ended up a little shorter, than desired, but I enjoyed it anyway. :-)