Saturday, May 15, 2010

Update on TLPH

Well, update on the new chapter of TLPH:

It's not polished, as I'm rushing to get it out before computer gets stuck in the shop again - I think the annoying thing has the hots for one of the repair guys or something, with how often it breaks!

I'll be back in circulation as soon as I get it back, or sooner, if I can snake the family computer for my own use every once in a while.


Akasha said...

That last update?
Absolutely freaking awesome!
I loved the scene with the shokan, and how he drags Aosh and well, aside from Max getting hurt, the whole chapter was just squeal-worthy ^^
Hope you get your computer back soon! ^.^

TwistedHilarity said...

So glad you liked it. Squealing is always a good thing. ;-)

Now, on to more writing, woot!