Friday, August 18, 2017

Ebooks up and website down

Just letting you all know, for any who check it, that the twistedhilarity website is currently down. I'm working on getting it back up ASAP! So, I have not fallen even further off the internet than I have been, just crazy stuff with the site going on.

And wow, am I late on the announcements, but the entire Husbands for Peace Series is up now for sale on amazon in ebook form, yee ha.

You can find book 2 here:

Book 3 here:

If you missed it the first time, Book 1 is available for sale here:

The artists for the first two covers was unavailable for the third, so the art style is different, but the story is the same. ^_^  Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased the books so far, and also for your reviews of the same!

Hope things are going as well as they can for everyone during this difficult time in the world.  You all take care out there!