Monday, November 14, 2011

Never tempt fate

I am never, EVER saying I'm back in business to write. Never. Because that seems to have declared open season on Twisted's ass.

To quote some of the greats, 'WTF BBQ, Batman?!!'

  1. I planned a trip around my hubby's work-travel, and his work travel got completely changed, so plans out the window, had to make new ones. And then had to do it AGAIN.
  2. My kitty got bitten by a rattlesnake just days before we're to leave on our trip (she survived, though, and is currently tormenting my other kitties). Total stress, dealing with that and trying to get ready to go. Tons of money balancing.
  3. We get here and I have an allergic reaction to coffee in the lobby of my hotel, then react AGAIN because I STOOD NEAR A HAY MAZE and some of it BLEW on me. 0.o Seriously, WTF?!

But I'm thinking, it's okay, I just need to survive a few more days and I'll be home. I can just rest and write and enjoy. Just a bit longer.

And then the DAY before I go home, I get in a car accident. T__T

So I'm kind of down and out right now. Stuck in another state (with family, though), waiting to see if my car is reparable or is going to be junked, and kind of incapacitated due to some fun neck stuff I acquired with my joyful car issue. Nothing major serious, no one else was injured, but not easy to move around much at the moment, either. Grrr.

Fate is a big, grumpy PMS bitch, I swear. And she's obviously dating Murphy. They can BITE me.

At least I'm writing along fairly well right now, but editing is a bit harder as I am doing most of my writing lying on my back and typing without looking on my laptop. I get up for short spurts at a time, and I usually spend it playing with the kids rather than editing. :-)

Speaking of, my son is now into making zombie paper dolls. I did not ask him to do this, I swear! He's just awesome that way, same way my daughter was awesome for making chibi felt zombies. Considering they are both so young that they've never even SEEN a zombie movie, this is probably a statement as to how deeply zombies have become part of our cultural heritage in the USA.

...okay, that may be scarier than actual zombies. ^_^

Monday, September 12, 2011

And I'm Back in Business

OMG - I have a computer again! It's like suddenly remembering what an orgasm is like after weeks without one. I missed it so, so much. And yeah, for those curious, I'm hunched over my computer like a little Gollum, rubbing the shiny white case and muttering 'my precious' over and over.

*cough* So I have a love/hate relationship with the thing. When it works, I love it. When it breaks, it is that evil bastard that I always knew would leave me someday and I hope it rots in hell. Although I want to call it a bitch, curiously. Suppose that's my latent lesbian tendencies coming to the fore, considering how much caressing it's getting right now.

Edit: And for those who wonder what evil befell my computer this time, it was the power button. Yeah, that's right, the power button, three months after the warranty ends. Because you don't need to build those to last or anything. They're hardly ever used, right? Frick - such a bunch of crap, I swear.

Okay, deep breath, good air in, emo-angst out. Ready to go on.

In any case, writing commences now, as fast as I can make it happen. Which, as NaNoWriMo has taught me, is about 800-900 words in 10 minutes, if I write like a crazy person and don't mind a few grammatical errors in my blitzkrieg of a first draft. Which is a good thing, 'cause sometimes 10 minutes is about all I've got these days.

Speaking of...

Since life is getting a little better this year than it was last, I believe I'm going to try for NaNoWriMo again. Hope it turns out well enough to put out...once all the other stories are done, that is. Wishing any other NaNoWriMo writers the best in their efforts this year, as well. If anyone has wanted to start a writing project and is having trouble motivating themselves to get it started, this might be something that you'd enjoy. Check it out.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pause in updates - computer death

There will be a, hopefully short, pause in updating while I get my !#$@#$@% laptop computer repaired. Again. For the millionth time....and this was my new one! 3 months after the warranty ended, and my computer completely died.

Henceforth, I shall refer to the computer company as 'those rat bastards.'

All stories have been backed up on a different drive, so nothing has been lost. Phew! However, I can't access them with the software I have on our family computer, so they're kind of stalled. If I get desperate, I may just make shit up from scratch and go from there.

And annoyingly, the software that I use to access my website is ALSO on the dead computer. I will put up freaking text alone, if I have to, dang it.

I'll post here whenever - and wherever - I put up the next updates!

And on a side note - The movie Conan: not so good movie, but a very, very good ass. And set of abs. And chest - wow. I think I'll buy the movie when it comes out, take a photo of certain scenes, and just blow them up to put on my walls, holy god.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Newest chapter up for TLPH:

Wow have the last few weeks been wild. Went on an unexpected trip for 2 weeks - 8 of them as a road trip - and the vacation contained both awesome things and things that were unadulterated suck. A little nature, some cool monuments, and being around family. That was great. Lots of humidity, grumpy kids, and reacting to food in bad, bad ways. That wasn't so great.

As a result, the chapter I'd been hoping to polish up along the way was only half polished - so enjoy the chapter that's really the first half OF a chapter. We'll all pretend I meant it to be that way, yeah? ;-)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Well, this has been a bit neglected lately!

Goodness this has been neglected!

Well, Chapter 32 of The Last Pure Human is now up on the website, woo hoo!

A little tension, and little fun, a little sex. Everything a growing boy (and girl) needs.

A new chapter is up at as well this week for Husbands for Peace. For anyone not familiar with this, you'll need a subscription to the site to view more than the first couple of chapters.

In other news, life is getting hot out here in Twisted Desert Land. May and June are two of our hottest months, usually. I'll be spending lots more time outside in the shade, writing as I try and finish up TLPH and get it to its conclusion. Once that's done, I'll be focusing on the other stories to get them finished as well.

For all of you with questions on where Max came from, and what's going on with the other humans, not to mention more about the Kyashin and their planet - you may have to wait for some answers. This book will be finishing up in a few more chapters, but the Human series is not finished yet. A few more books are still in the making for characters we've already met, and those who haven't even made an appearance, and some mysteries won't be solved until we're a little farther into the story.

...but really? It's probably all just an excuse to mess with Max for more than one book. He just begs for it, doesn't he? ;-)