Thursday, February 12, 2015

TLPH update

After far, FAR too long, I've got an update. Please don't die of shock. It would be quite sad...and perhaps a bit twisted and funny, too, in a gallows humor kind of way.

But anyway, TLPH, chapter 40...because I decided that when the damn thing has grown to be around 22 pages long, it's no longer half a chapter anymore.  I'm still not happy with this, and there is NO way it could ever make the wait worthwhile - I don't know that even Shakespeare coule make this kind of wait worthwhile - but it's done. Yeaaa.

The Last Pure Human, Chapter 40

I would add on some fun Twisted son moments, but the poor little guy has been sick with a fever for the last few days so he is not a happy camper at all. I think the kid is trying to see if he can live off a popsicles and scowls.