Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pause in updates - computer death

There will be a, hopefully short, pause in updating while I get my !#$@#$@% laptop computer repaired. Again. For the millionth time....and this was my new one! 3 months after the warranty ended, and my computer completely died.

Henceforth, I shall refer to the computer company as 'those rat bastards.'

All stories have been backed up on a different drive, so nothing has been lost. Phew! However, I can't access them with the software I have on our family computer, so they're kind of stalled. If I get desperate, I may just make shit up from scratch and go from there.

And annoyingly, the software that I use to access my website is ALSO on the dead computer. I will put up freaking text alone, if I have to, dang it.

I'll post here whenever - and wherever - I put up the next updates!

And on a side note - The movie Conan: not so good movie, but a very, very good ass. And set of abs. And chest - wow. I think I'll buy the movie when it comes out, take a photo of certain scenes, and just blow them up to put on my walls, holy god.