Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh thank god, finally an update, TLPH

It took me forever and a day...and a half...but the next chapter of TLPH is done.

So, I'll just shut up and post the link:
Chapter 34, The Last Pure Human

Monday, January 16, 2012


Hey all,
Hope you had a great New Year.

I've had a bit of a family issue the last few weeks (Murphy had to slip it in under the 2011 wire, obviously), but once again, we've picked ourselves back up, dusted everything off...and now are finally getting around to taking down the Christmas decorations.

Yes, it takes me a while. This is why I rarely decorate, because I have to put the decorations AWAY. I much prefer the lovely Heise pictures on my wall, year-round. I love those things.

Actually, since I'm still finishing up the chapter I thought I'd finish weeks ago, the least I can do is leave you with pretty picturees, right? Right. So, here's links to two of the art pieces that are in my living room:



Enjoy. :-)