Monday, November 14, 2011

Never tempt fate

I am never, EVER saying I'm back in business to write. Never. Because that seems to have declared open season on Twisted's ass.

To quote some of the greats, 'WTF BBQ, Batman?!!'

  1. I planned a trip around my hubby's work-travel, and his work travel got completely changed, so plans out the window, had to make new ones. And then had to do it AGAIN.
  2. My kitty got bitten by a rattlesnake just days before we're to leave on our trip (she survived, though, and is currently tormenting my other kitties). Total stress, dealing with that and trying to get ready to go. Tons of money balancing.
  3. We get here and I have an allergic reaction to coffee in the lobby of my hotel, then react AGAIN because I STOOD NEAR A HAY MAZE and some of it BLEW on me. 0.o Seriously, WTF?!

But I'm thinking, it's okay, I just need to survive a few more days and I'll be home. I can just rest and write and enjoy. Just a bit longer.

And then the DAY before I go home, I get in a car accident. T__T

So I'm kind of down and out right now. Stuck in another state (with family, though), waiting to see if my car is reparable or is going to be junked, and kind of incapacitated due to some fun neck stuff I acquired with my joyful car issue. Nothing major serious, no one else was injured, but not easy to move around much at the moment, either. Grrr.

Fate is a big, grumpy PMS bitch, I swear. And she's obviously dating Murphy. They can BITE me.

At least I'm writing along fairly well right now, but editing is a bit harder as I am doing most of my writing lying on my back and typing without looking on my laptop. I get up for short spurts at a time, and I usually spend it playing with the kids rather than editing. :-)

Speaking of, my son is now into making zombie paper dolls. I did not ask him to do this, I swear! He's just awesome that way, same way my daughter was awesome for making chibi felt zombies. Considering they are both so young that they've never even SEEN a zombie movie, this is probably a statement as to how deeply zombies have become part of our cultural heritage in the USA.

...okay, that may be scarier than actual zombies. ^_^


celtic7irish said...

Ack. That wasn't even a 'things come in three' for you! More like half a dozen. I'm sorry to hear that the trip probably wasn't nearly as enjoyable as you had originally hoped.

Glad the kitty is safe, and even happier that you're okay (well, mostly okay) after the accident, and that nobody else was hurt. I wish you the best with the outcome of that one. It's good that at least you have family with you, too, if you can't actually be at home.

Please take care. I've only found your stories recently, and have fallen totally and completely head over heels in love with your characters. <3

Thank you so much for the update, and please take care! Good luck, and may you have a happy ending to all of this.

Sparkz said...

I'm a random fan, I know, but I thought I'd tell you that I'm sorry about all the horrible stuff that seems to happen to you. ^^; Your kids sound adorable, your trip sounded horrible, I suspect your kitty is now Super!Kitty, or in the world of heroes, will develop awesome and possibly unrelated powers to do with being bitten by a rattlesnake and SURVIVING kitty-style. I hope the whiplash on your neck isn't too bad because I KNOW that can be a bitch. Best wishes!

Ying Long said...

My deepest sympathies. If it makes you feel better, this year is like the Olympics for allergy sufferers (and even those who normally don't have allergies). I am sure we're all hoping that your life stops giving you heck so you can get back to writing in peace. And maybe write about Kirin and Amon more (bats eyes hopefully). May your luck improve exponentially.

Anonymous said...

Oh for Heaven's sake! What a rough patch for you. I'm glad to hear life is trending toward normal, at least. I hope your neck heals good as new, and soon!

Regards, leorising

Karen of Ginger Cat Crafts said...

I recently found your website and got addicted to the Last Pure Human, so I was checking your blog for any updates. Oh, dear. Life can be sooooo unkind. I do hope you are feeling better and life is going to give you nice break from mayhem.