Monday, April 5, 2010

It's a good day not to die

Today is a good day. Really. A great day. And why, you may ask?

I ate salmon. And it was awesome.

You may have noticed I've been having a bit of a food theme in my blogging lately. It's on my mind a lot. The last 8 months have found me losing about 55 pounds, along with all my foods but 7. It's due to some surprise food issues that cropped up suddenly and nastily. Eating a 'bad' food now can sometimes result in my throat trying swell itself shut, which really kind of puts a crimp in your whole day.

But I have food I can eat, and it's not terrible food, so I can hack it. It simply puts a bit of a different perspective on the role food plays in my life, is all.

However, I seriously cannot even express how strange it is to eat the same 7 foods every single day for months at a time, and then suddenly get to have a new food. Some of you are likely familiar with this phenomenon, from various diets or fasting or MRE's. I wasn't. And it's like...well... it's like...

Let me put it this way. If you ever see some skinny bitch sitting outside a restaurant who eats a bit of food and then moans 'oh my GAWD' over and over in near-orgasmic bliss? That would be me eating the salmon. Or anything else I actually get to try next.

Seriously, not exaggerating. I think my husband was on the verge of asking me and my salmon to get a room.

I almost did, too. >_<

Instead, I finished my salmon and sat down to write down the experience like any good little writer gal would. Because it's different, and new to me, and every little thing we experience is simply so useful for a writer, isn't it? And often in the most unexpected ways.

The whole vampire liquid diet thing, for example. Just the other day, it occurred to me that I could take a look at going vamp in a totally new way. What would it feel like to lose the ability to eat food? I feel like I have the answer to that down to a visceral level.

It's kind of a cool bit of knowledge to have access to, when you look at it that way. And I'm so curious what else there is to get out of this entire experience. I guess I'll find out.

Here's wishing you some interesting and not too painful experiences that can help you and your writing and life, too!


Akasha said...

Anything but salmon and that wouldn't have been creepy, at all. I mean, I can eat anything I want and I have the same reaction to chocolate.
Creepy or not, I'm sorry about your food-problem... even if you have managed to transform the experience into a way to improve your writing (which I didn't think possible...^^).
I once did that...when I got my wisdom teeth pulled out and couldn't talk for a week. And when I told my friends what I meant to do, they were kind of worried about my mental health. But I still maintain it's a good way to get through painful/not-so-nice experiences... think of nice things, or productive things, or ways what you are experiencing can have a positive consequence (however little it is).
So, the point of this comment...I guess I just wanted to ramble and say I read this, and loved it, and was kind of creeped out by the salmon (not really! ok...just a little. Salmon is scary).
Thanks for sharing!

ps: Ops, I almost forgot. I absolutely loved the title. Really. I haven't got enough word to describe how much I liked it. =)

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a funny post. You made me laugh on a Friday night after a hellish week! Thank you. I loved the part about you and the salmon getting a room! Yeah, salmon is delicious. I had never had it, and my daughter grilled some for me. Wow. True love. I could pig out on grilled salmon filet any day of the week and twice on Sunday...and never get sick of it. So, I understand the "orgasmic bliss" factor. And I love your humorous musings about it. You're delightful!

TwistedHilarity said...

Dear Lord, I just realized how long it's been since I responded to a comment here! Eeek.

Thank you both for the comments. Hmmm, I wonder if you averaged the dislike of salmon with orgasmic bliss over salmon, would it even out?

And actually, this will honestly keep me up later. XD