Tuesday, January 22, 2013

When to expect the next TLPH chapter

I was really expecting to have it done yesterday, today at the latest, but the chapter is seriously kicking my butt. So tomorrow is what it's looking like for the next TLPH update. I hope you can really enjoy it!

And I hope everyone stays healthy this year and avoids the rather unsettling sounding flu that's spreading like wildfire. It looks to be a nasty one!

And, I'll leave you with a little Twisted son humor, because he cracks my ass up. And if you already
HAVE the flu, you could probably use a little cheering up, right?

My daughter was reading a book recently and as is usual for her, is telling us ALL about it. I mean all about it, every teeny little detail. Her younger brother is not all that enthusiastic about this.  So he cuts her off.

My son: It’s boring! 
My daughter:  No, it’s not! It’s a tragedy!
My son: Yeah. Blah blah blah DIE. Blah blah blah DIE.

My son, budding literary critic, LOL. 

In any case, have a great week, and you should be getting an update message from me tomorrow! :-)


Anonymous said...

When will be the next chapter of TLPH?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait ti see how Leero handles being a consort!

Anonymous said...

For some reason your ssite won't load D:. Is it my computer or is something wrong with the website?

Anonymous said...

Ok. Whens the new chapters coming?

KiaLynn said...

Just read the entire story in a day and a half... my back hurts like crazy from sitting so long! I loved it and am eagerly awaiting the next chapter! :)

Anonymous said...

Really, really want to find out what happens next with Max and Kassan!! :D When is the next chapter coming?

Anonymous said...

I've just started to read the last pure human and I am really in love with it! Please update soon, your work is wonderful and I support you loyally.

Anonymous said...

Please please please update tlph or icewinds bride soon! Do you have any published works I could buy? I just love your work

Anonymous said...

Just spend my weekend reading TLPH - I came fort he slash and stayed for the story o.m.g. its so good and wellwritten - and easy to read a non native english reader.

Ill join the corous - when is the next chapter up! Poor Leero! :P

- Mathias

Anonymous said...

I remembered reading this story on adult fanfiction and it stuck in my mind after all these years.I think that's the sign of a really good story-and I truly think you have one here in TLPH. Just fyi.