Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year and Sex Pollen

Hope everyone is having a great New Year!  Personally, I have made some resolutions this year about writing that I am VERY hopeful for keeping. Plus, you know, budgeting (spend less, save more, check) and food (make better tasting foods, dammit) resolutions, too.

I've finished with the holidays finally (read: made it home, unpacked, and restocked the fridge with food), so now it's all starting. Tally-ho, ride 'em cowboy, and all that. Next TLPH chapter nearly done, and the book as well.

How about ya'll? Do you tend to make a New Year's resolution? If so, what ones did you do this year? How's it going so far?

And, to start your year right, a little bit of science for today that's completely relevant. I swear.

Some bacteria in the soil actually makes you happier when it gets into your system, through inhalation, ingestion, whatever. It actually increases levels of things like norepinephrine - which I know is a good thing, even if I can't remember much about the stuff.

And why is this relevant? Why? step closer to sex pollen, my friends. One step closer.

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Anonymous said...

Book? There's going to be a book?